Our researchers @ProfRThompson and @maxkelly99 are currently attending the #INC3 #PlasticsTreaty negotiations in Nairobi to help bring an end to plastic pollution.

Great to be at #INC3 with @ParkerJurd @WinnieCJ @FrancaDeFalco and @ProfRThompson from @PlymUni and the @ScientistsCoa for the #PlasticsTreaty negotiations with >2500 delegates representing >160 member states from around the world, working towards the end of plastic pollution.

Our scientists have explored the potential for mechanical devices to clear the ocean of litter and found that while they did trap fragments of plastic and other fibres, seaweed made up the majority of the items captured

🔗 https://www.plymouth.ac.uk/news/scientists-caution-against-a-reliance-on-mechanical-devices-to-clear-water-bodies-of-plastic

Delighted to be in Bangkok with ⁦@PlymouthMarine⁩ & ⁦@ScientistsCoa⁩ at ⁦@TheEconomist⁩ Global Plastics Summit. Pleased to hear a unanimous call for science to inform UN Plastic Pollution Treaty! It’s a necessity we will underscore shortly in the plenary panel

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